Father, Forgive Us:

■ We don’t notice that we are continually making assumptions, forming concepts, drawing inferences, and thinking within points of view.
■ We don’t know how to analyze and assess our thinking.
■ We don’t know how to determine whether our purposes are clearly formulated, our assumptions justified, our conclusions logically drawn.
■ We are unaware of intellectual traits and so are not striving to embody them.
■ We are unaware of the fact that many problems in our lives are caused by poor thinking.
■ We don’t question our beliefs.
■ We don’t question our decisions.
■ We lack intellectual standards and have no idea what such standards might be.
■ We lack the intellectual traits but are not aware that we lack them.
■ We unconsciously deceive ourselves in many ways.
■ We create and maintain pleasant illusions, illusions that often cause problems.

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