Two Ears

“Sometimes I feel that I’m the only one in a crowded room, I talk, you talk, we’ll talk, but no one listens.” – The Normals

If I were to create a spiritual discipline I would create listening as such. Who knows, I am no theologian and maybe it already is and I can stand to be corrected. The thing is that I not only want to become a good listener myself, but I deeply look forward to a time when we as humans learn the practice of listening to each other on a more meaningful level than the day before.

Have you ever walked away from a conversation and felt like you were heard and understood? Isn’t it addicting? And then, have you ever had the greater privilege of knowing that you were able to help someone else feel heard and understood because you yourself did the hard work of laying other thoughts aside and were present with them? These are such spiritual moments for me.

I wonder how it would change the world if each person actually listened twice as much as they spoke.



One thought on “Two Ears

  1. I firmly believe that if everyone listened as much as we’re supposed to, there would be little to no need for therepists.

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