Learner Motivation as it relates to Pedagogy

So, one day you wake up and the moment your feet hit the ground you are ready to go and tackle whatever the day has to offer you. Whatever project or task comes your way doesn’t stand a chance to your ferocious tenacity to ‘get er done’.

Then another day comes around and takes everything within you just to get your feet to hit the ground in the first place.

You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

Motivation is a fickle anomaly if you ask me and is something I plan to contribute to the study of in the years ahead in my academic career. For me, as an Instructional Designer, I’m interested in best practices and pedagogy that is practical and contributes to learner engagement, time-on-task, autonomy, demonstration of critical thinking, and effects these might have upon the affective domain toward the holistic development of learners.

Maybe this is a topic of interest to you as well as an educator. You’ve been in situations where you feel like you just are not getting through and speaking to a wall, and then you have these experiences where there is no better way to describe the learning environment other than that of it being alive and being directed by some higher power that is calling each learner participating to somehow dig deeper into the content matter at hand.

Would you consider offering your experiences and your practice as an educator toward contributing to such conversation and inquiry? We would love to collaborate with you.


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