Protests & Parking Passes

This morning, I just had to laugh.

You see, as I pulled into the parking lot of Will’s House where I work, there were a few police officers waiting at the entrance who stopped me due to a much needed counter-protest down the street. The officers informed me that I couldn’t park there at the moment unless I was law enforcement or faculty.

As I explained to them that I worked there at Will’s House, I realized that I was driving our van which doesn’t have a Fac/Staff parking sticker on it making me look like a liar.

To my knowledge, this was the first time this had ever happened in our parking lot. It just so happened to fall on the very day I had to ride the van into work due to my car breaking down last week.

Go figure, right? But wait, there’s more.

When my car broke down last Friday, it caused me to have to coordinate using the van instead as I was driving for a newly set up carpool to work with a coworker. This put Lindsay in a pickle because she had a doctor’s appointment to go to on Monday.

Unfortunately, due to an expedient rescheduling last week, that appointment wasn’t on our calendar. So, I thought I was in the clear to use the van. I was wrong.

I wasn’t able to get ahold of Lindsay on Friday to confirm it, though, because she was working an event all day. This caused a marital scuffle to ensue on Sunday, ironically right before entering the house of Shalom. I, as usual, was being hard-headed. We made up during the service that conveniently was on the topic of forgiveness.

Anyway, all that to say, try not to allow your car to break down, ok?

It makes things so much easier. It also makes your bank account $400 richer.

Volvo katulampun alla
Photo Credit: Anssi Koskinen via Compfight


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