speech | grandpa's funeral :: 2012

This was a list of iconic items that will forever remind me of my legendary grandfather, Robert David Goodrich:

bb guns
baseball games
bus garage chats
blue spruce fields
froggin ponds
robbie the robin

early morning prayer
grandparents day
huge wheat cereal
allegan country roads
hiking trails

dollar bills in a birthday card
the smell of fish
funny songs that no-body knows
put er’ there and letting us win
a love note in a bible
a Christmas speech

a charge
to love
the women in our lives


you lived a life worth remembering
a life filled with deep hardships and pain
and a life filled with love and redemption
experienced even deeper as a result

in fact, I am convinced that your experiences
shaped you into being the man you became
a man who cared for and talked to anyone and everyone
with laughter and genuine concern for eternal wellbeing

we honor you today
as we remember and celebrate you
knowing full well, that without you,
none of us would be here in this moment now


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