Online Learner Success Resources (OER)


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Just the other day I was in a faculty workshop in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University where we touched on Quality Matters as a resource for all of MSU faculty. One of the questions that arose was if there were resources that were general enough to apply to any online learner in terms of preparing them for the online environment no matter what college or learning management system was being used. I mentioned that there were some valuable Open Educational Resources out there that can be remixed at will to any college’s needs.

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If you or anyone you know is interested in these kinds of resources, this is one on the topic of Online Learner Readiness worth your time thanks to the Creative Commons sharing by the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative.

Please bookmark it if it is something you could build off from (again, it can be remixed freely with attribution of course) or share it with someone you think might find it valuable. I believe deep down that good things were meant to be shared.

Thanks to all of you everywhere who promote student success!


This was another quick quiz my colleague Susan Halick shared with me from Lansing Community College on the topic of “Are online courses right for me?” and my friends over at Michigan Virtual University also created similar resources for new online learners through a tool called OLOT (Online Learning Orientation Tool).


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